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BHV Tilburg

We from Fabyo Logistic are the address for BHV in Tilburg. BHV is a course for the in-house emergency response service. Every employer in our country is obliged to follow a BHV course. When you follow a BHV course with us in Tilburg, you can do so online and at your own pace. In this way, it becomes much easier to remember the learning material

BHV is meant for the in-house emergency response team

BHV is the abbreviation for in-house emergency response team. During a BHV course in Tilburg you will learn how to act during unexpected events in the workplace. These are events that can seriously affect the safety and health of employees and any guests. You should think of accidents on the work floor and for example the outbreak of fire. During a BHV Tilburg course, you will be taught how to act in such situations to ensure the safety and health of employees. BHV has a mandatory character. Every employer should therefore follow a BHV course.

BHV Tilburg

With us, you choose explicitly for convenience

If you choose a BHV course in Tilburg, you choose convenience. You can follow this course online through our e-learning program. This means that you can follow the course when it suits you and at your own pace. We offer our courses in different languages. Besides courses in Dutch, we also offer courses in English, Romanian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese. You can take the courses on your own laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

Besides BHV in Tilburg, we are also the address for VCA training

Besides BHV Tilburg, we have also become the address for following VCA courses. These courses also serve to increase safety in the workplace in terms of health and environment. Unlike BHV, VCA is not mandatory. The purpose of this course is to reduce accidents during work activities and thus increase safety. Although VCA is not mandatory, more and more clients are requiring it when they award a job to a contractor. Very sensible, therefore, to also follow this course. And of course you do that through our organization. We make it easy for you in all areas, for example by offering exam training before you actually have to take the exam. So you are always well prepared for what is to come. So it’s logical that you choose us if you also want to study BHV and VCA.