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VCA course Tilburg

Do you want to follow a VCA course in Tilburg? Then Fabyo Logistic can help you. VCA is a course for safety, health and environment for contractors. It is a course for contractors with which they can demonstrate that they control safety, health and environment when performing activities on the work floor. A VCA course in Tilburg is not mandatory, but clients may require it of you. Following a VCA course in Tilburg should benefit safety on the work floor. In addition, in this way the number of accidents should be reduced.

We can offer you the VCA course in Tilburg in multiple languages

We can offer you a VCA course in Tilburg in the Dutch language, but also in English, Romanian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. You can rely on us for VCA training. We offer a number of e-learning courses in the form of Basic VCA, VOL VCA and VIL VCA. Of course, we can also provide the exams for you. Before you take an exam, however, we can also offer you suitable examination training. You can then prepare yourself in a simple manner and practice well before taking the exam.

VCA cursus Tilburg

You don't have to worry about the quality of the training courses

When you take a VCA course in Tilburg, you will be trained to work safely, with the ultimate goal of fewer accidents and more safety on the work floor. You do not have to worry for a moment about the quality of our training. Quality is our top priority. You should be able to pass the VCA exam after our course, and you will definitely know how to apply your new knowledge.

We can’t make it easier for you

It is ideal for you to complete a VCA exam in Tilburg by doing business with us. Many entrepreneurs feel the need to follow a course. However, time is often the big problem. Therefore, we offer online courses. These courses are very practical and always up to date. With these courses you can follow at your own pace and just on your laptop, tablet or smartphone one of the courses we offer. We can’t make it any easier for you. Speaking of easy; we are also the place to go for a BHV course in Tilburg. This course is mandatory for employers. BHV is meant for the in-house emergency response when, for example, there is a fire or other accidents on the work floor.