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VCA exam Tilburg

We from Fabyo Logistic are the perfect address when you want to take the VCA exam in Tilburg. We can also offer you excellent support in the preliminary stages leading up to the exam, because we are also the address for the best VCA course in Tilburg. Incidentally, obtaining a VCA diploma is not necessarily mandatory. However, it is increasingly common for clients to make it a requirement for carrying out work. And that’s not surprising, because a VCA really helps to increase safety in the workplace.

Will you also pass the VCA exam in Tilburg?

Safety, health and environmental checklist contractors. That’s what a VCA exam is all about. It is a certifiable checklist specifically for contractors. With this checklist they can demonstrate that they control safety, health and environment when they perform their activities on the work floor.

VCA examen Tilburg

We offer various online VCA courses

By means of e-learning, we can offer you various VCA courses and thus also the VCA exam in Tilburg. You can choose from Basic VCA, VOL VCA or VIL VCU. The good thing is that we can offer you the different courses in different languages. Think of English, Romanian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese. When you opt for a VCA exam in Tilburg, you will increase safety on the work floor. Before you take the VCA exam in Tilburg, we also offer you targeted exam training. You can then practice perfectly for the exam and will be well-prepared.

Also the address for taking a BHV course

Many entrepreneurs would like to take a VCA course and obtain their certificate. However, they often lack the necessary time. That is why we offer online courses. You can follow the course very simply online. In this way you can follow the course at your own pace and you don’t have to leave your house. You can do this on your own laptop, tablet or smartphone. Besides VCA courses, you can also contact us if you want to follow a BHV course in Tilburg. BHV is a Dutch acronym for company emergency response. It’s about the help that is given when undesirable events occur in an organization. It is about events that can threaten the safety and health of employees and other people present. Think for example of accidents or fire. A BHV course is mandatory for employers, unlike the VCA course. Someone should know how to act in the event of an accident.